We create customisable distribution centres that serves both YOU and YOUR customers. Our speciality is campaign based
or on-going distribution service_solutions.

Bongani Rainmaker Logistics is a service company that has successfully integrated project management skills with extensive logistical expertise and national delivery

infrastructure. Our company is a specialist Service Solution company single mindedly focused on the provision of project specific Procurement, Warehousing and Distribution Solutions. In the end, it's about delivery and

the assurance that you can deliver while at the same time maintaining a creative outlook in the never ending search for better ways to solve real world challenges and responding effectively to our clients needs.

•  Whether you need to procure material, pick-and-pack, store, manage or distribute your product on a local,
national or Southern African basis, we will work out a perfect solution for you.

•  We specialize in cradle to grave solutions and provide both the management expertise and  operational infrastructure to assure your peace of mind.

•  All of our solutions are TAILOR MADE to meet your project specific requirements.

 •   All projects are co-ordinated & managed from our operational hub from where all related planning, collection
     and administration is done.

•  Our SERVICE MENU is your guide to ensure project success, It is our way of agreeing expectations and
serves as a tool to document project parameters to ensure dependable outcomes.




CORE Logistical Services

& Storage



Value Adding Services



Call Centre


Let one of our dedicated customer service agents interact with you and your customers to provide information in response to enquires about products and services. Our agents will provide a range of services such as taking orders, arranging for payment and delivery or handle and resolve all order and delivery related queries.

Our dedicated Account Leaders and Client Services Agents will interact and manage the needs and requirements of our client's customers. Focus is placed on dealing with orders, client queries, physical order processing and ensuring the clients and their customers are kept informed regarding each order's progress to final delivery.

Our IT and accounting systems allow for performance analysis and indexing, stock, delivery details, order processing, waybill, POD and tracking information. All information is managed via this centralized software tool which means that dedicated & detailed activity and management reporting available at your fingertips.


Orders processed by customer services are released to the warehouse team for Picking and Packing. Picking slips are generated and assigned to dedicated pickers and packers who will compile various individual items into a final packaged product ready for distribution.


Project management has emerged as a tool whereby quality output, time, resources and costs are balanced to ensure pre-determined objectives. The project plan brings all the details together once the vision, target market, budgeting parameters and support material have been identified it is time to bring it all together under the umbrella of the project plan. This plan serves as a BLUEPRINT for what will be done. Ideally this plan should be as broad and complete as possible.


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