Since inception in 2001, Bongani Rainmaker Logistics has distributed educational material across every corner of South Africa, Swaziland, Lesotho and Mozambique. We have successfully completed in excess of 42 National SCHOOL distribution projects on behalf of Soul City / Soul Buddyz since 2004 and distributed 10,4 million ANA test materials to 8,248 schools in Gauteng, Eastern Cape, North West , Limpopo, Free State and Northern Cape provinces. Our flagship project has been the Kha ri Gude Mass

Literacy Campaign - a projects which has thus far seen over 45 million educational units distributed to 173 000 individual sites nationally. In addition we have been contracted to perform a wide variety of annual or once of distribution projects for various corporate and governmental organisations.

"It would not be possible to run such a large scale campaign without an excellent logistical support system. Bongani Rainmaker are precise and efficient."

"Our organisation required a dependable national school distribution solution which Bongani Rainmaker Logistics has been able to provide, over and over again."



"Most notable is the ability they demonstrate to reach the most inaccessible of areas in South Africa. It is to the credit of the Kha Ri Gude programme, which depends on a formidable collection and delivery system, that over 90% of its learners portfolios are returned. This is unequalled anywhere in the world in the Adult Education arena. Bongani Rainmaker are a little like the Amstel Advetisement - The beer that gets to places no other beer can reach."

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