Bongani Rainmaker's service signature is its ability to translate real world challenges into solutions by combining its IT and Systems, Operational Infrastructure and Comprehensive National distribution network that together are the supply chain ingredients necessary to manage both large and small distribution projects in both South
and Southern Africa.


Our niche ability is to deliver a flexible service_solution to cater to the most challenging distribution needs. Our speciality is providing logistical solutions that serve the ABET and SCHOOLS markets while maintaining a creative outlook in the never ending search for better ways to solve real world problems and responding to market needs.


Key differentiators lie in a combination of pre-emptive supply chain management skills and an extensive resource base of transportation, warehousing and storage, as well as best-of-breed technology systems all glued together with years  of experience for your peace of mind.

About Us

A Solution perfect for you

Whether you need to procure material, pick-and-pack, store, manage or distribute your product on a local, national or Southern African basis, we will work out a perfect solution for you.


We specialize in cradle to grave solutions and provide both the management expertise and operational  infrastructure to assure your peace
of mind.


All of our solutions are TAILOR MADE to meet your project specific requirements.


Our SERVICE MENU is your guide to ensure project success.


It is our way of agreeing expectations and serves as a tool to document project parameters to ensure dependable outcomes.


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